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We offer a wide variety of equipments to help young talents better understand complex concepts. We provide equipments for Mathematics, Physics and general Teaching Aids. These are suitable for classrooms to demonstrate theories in practical. A wide variety of color and shapes are available at affordable prices to suit varied requirements.

Item Code: TSP04

The propagation of transverse waves is illustrated in detail in this manipulative. The vibrations and energy transfer is also effectively demonstrated

Item Code: TST01

The apparent variation if frequency of sound heard when there is a relative motion between the source and the observer is illustrated in this table top teaching aid

Item Code: TMG01

The behavior of magnetic and non magnetic materials in the magnetic field and their permeability  is illustrated in this table top model

Item Code: TLT01

The properties of reflection, refraction and diffraction of light waves in different lenses, mirrors and slabs is illustrated in this activity model

Item Code: TCH02

A number colored balls representing atoms and connectors which represent the bonds are provided. This enables the learner to form the structure of different molecules

Item Code: TMG02

The effect of gravitational force on attractive and repulsive forces of the magnet can be illustrated in this manipulative of floating magnet set

Item Code: TST03

The propagation of longitudinal waves using tuning fork is illustrated in this teaching aid model. The vibrations of the tuning fork is also demonstrated by different activities

Item Code: TCH01

The structure of sodium chloride molecule and the lattice arrangements are illustrated in this table top model

Item Code: TST02

The variation of frequency of sound with respect to length is demonstrated in this teaching aid device

Item Code: TSM01

The variation of effort with respect to the angle of inclination is demonstrated in this teaching aid model.

Item Code: TSM02

The effective distance of effort arm to lift the load with least effort  in the first order lever is illustrated in this table top teaching aid.

Item Code: THD01

The effect of intermolecular forces in liquid and air surfaces is illustrated  in an effective manner in this activity device.

Item Code: THD02

The phenomenon of equal distribution of pressure in liquid in an enclosed chamber is demonstrated in this table top model


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